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Here are some guidelines to take note of when contributing content to the wiki:

For character infoboxes:

  • When making character pages, use one of their most recent appearances for the main picture. Also, try to crop out speech bubbles if there are any, and pick an image that shows as much of their body as possible.
  • If something like a character's birthplace, etc. is unknown, just leave it blank for now. It can be updated later if it ever becomes known in canon material.

In general:

  • Do attempt to use proper spelling and grammar whenever possible. Also, make sure you are not creating new missing links when piping. The "Show preview" feature exists for a reason - use it! (As a little tip, when you want to link to a new page, an easy way to make sure the link works is to go to the page you want to link and copy the title. That way, case sensitive errors can be avoided.)
  • Write a title of a work (examples: Tails Gets Trolled, Sonic the Hedgehog) in italics.
  • Refer to characters as they're actually spelled in the comic, even if they're misspelled (example: Jessie from Pokémon is referred to as Jessy in TGT, and Porky is never referred to as his full name "Porky Pig", but you can mention it in the "real life" sections)
  • For "Real Life Origins" on the character pages, also describe differences (if any) between their original incarnation and their Tails Gets Trolled incarnation.
  • Only fill out information if it's made clear in the Tails Gets Trolled canon, rather than the original franchise the character is based on.
  • Speculation is welcome but let's keep it on the relevant pages Discussion / Talk page or your own user page.
  • Do not spoil the contents of Patreon pages before they are made public!