Porky's family

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Porky's family
(Porky's parents / Porky Jr.)
Porky Jr.png
Porky Jr.
Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles porky JR.
Relatives Porky (son / father)
Petunia (daughter-in-law / mother)
Physical description
Species Pig
Gender Male (Chris P. Bacon, Porky Jr.) / Female (Barbie Q.)
Skin color White
Hair color Gray (mustache, father), Brown (mother)
Eye color Black
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 9, Page 14 (Parents)
Chapter 9, Page 17 (Porky Jr.)
Last appearance Chapter 9, Page 14 (Barbie) / Page 15 (Chris)
Chapter 9, Page 18 (Porky Jr.)
Dead (parents mutilated, son shot by Christians)
In real life
Actual name Unknown (parents) / Porky Jr.
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 9, Page 14 (parents) / Page 17 (Porky Jr.) (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
See also: Petunia.

Porky's family, consisting of his son, Porky Jr., Chris P. Bacon, his father, and Barbie Q., his mother, are minor characters appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. Their deaths, alongside Petunia's, contribute to Porky's fall into despair.


Porky's parents look similar to their son. Chris has a gray mustache while Barbie has brown pigtails.

Porky Jr. looks identical to his father, sharing the same face as him. In his short appearance in Tails Gets Trolled, he appears in a gray carrier covering most of his body except for the face.


Chris P. Bacon and Barbie Q. are only shown briefly in the story. After escaping from the murderous Christians, Porky texts his parents letting them know that he'll be visting soon. When Porky arrives home, he witnsses his parents decapitated heads on the kitcen table, with the text "hugs @ kisses" written in blood. Their bodies are seen elsewhere, mangled with a cross and the text "G O D" written above them as bacon cooks on a frying pan.

It is unknown when Porky Jr. was born exactly. At the time he appears in the story, he still appears to be quite young. He is first seen held by Petunia, who apologizes for what she had said to Porky earlier. Just as the two make up, a Christian fires a shot from afar, killing both Porky Jr. and his mother with the same bullet.


Porky Jr. still appears to be too young to speak. He appears to be quite upset with his father judging from his facial expression when he sees him on Page 17 of Chapter 9: fuds choice.