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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles the money guy, the smart guy
One-off names autismal man child, cock sucking manwhore, FAGGOTRY FAG, the legend
Physical description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Fur color Silver
Eye color Yellow
Personal information
Affiliation Troll Slaiyers (former)
Allies Blaze, Fudd, Rob, The Neutrals
Enemies The Trolls, Alex
Likes Blaze, researching plans
Dislikes Blatant disregard for other people's lives, leaving allies behind, rape, trolling
Weapons/powers Psychokinesis
First appearance tails gets trolled, Page 20
Last appearance Chapter 25
In real life
Actual name Silver the Hedgehog
First appearance Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
well unlike shadow said i am the smart guy. im not like shadow i dont act out of anger and impulse. i research alot and actually plan and i have back up plans if my plan goes south
Silver, chapter 6: silver's mission, Page 6

Silver is one of the protagonists of Tails Gets Trolled. After the original Troll Slaiyers fall apart, he takes matters into his own hands and leads his own group against the trolls.


Silver is a anthropomorphic hedgehog similar to Sonic and Shadow. He has a patch of white colored fur along his chest/belly area and wears white gloves like Sonic and Shadow.


The Money Guy

Silver is first seen by himself in Chapter 1 before he is approached by Alex. Alex begins to troll him before leaving. The next day, Silver appears before Shadow to ask for his help in dealing with the trolls. Shadow calls over his friends and the original Troll Slaiyers is formed, with Silver acting as "the money guy". The group gets to work staging a fake Justen Bever concert to kill many trolls at once.

As the plan unfolds, Silver watches off-screen. Presumably when the group is forced to retreat after Alex arrives with backup, Silver, Fudd, and Rob break away from the group to follow the trolls. The trio then witness many events, such as the deaths of Sonic and Luigi (and the raping of their corpses via Troll Face), before they formally reappear in Chapter 6 outside Troll City. Silver, Rob, and Fudd don Troll Face masks and begin to infiltrate the city. As they go further in, they are confronted by Underbite Troll and Markus and get involved in a Troll Off. Silver defeats Underbite Troll, earning his respect and moves on deeper into the city.

Eventually the group finds their way to the Troll Castle, where Troll King resides. Blaze appears and introduces herself to the group, teasing Silver over his feelings for her, before Silver leaves to sneak into the castle. While inside, he places a scanning tool to create a blueprint of the castle, and later comes across an off-limits area where Heimerdinger is kept captive. The two speak briefly about how Heimerdinger is forced to build weapons for the trolls before the Troll King enters. As the King orders Heimerdinger around, Silver attempts to sneak out, but his cover is blown when a wrench falls and alerts the Troll King. Heimerdinger distracts the King (losing his leg in the process) to give Silver a chance to escape by throwing himself out of a window.

The Smart Guy

Silver attempting to high spear with Blaze.

While outside, Silver urges his friends to run. Rob stays behind, revealing his dragonborn origins and wipes out large groups of trolls with his powers. Silver, refusing to throw away his allies like Shadow, turns back and assists Rob. He and Alex have a brief battle before the Troll King appears and Silver's group is forced to retreat. They take refuge within the city (disguised with Troll Face masks) inside the home of Underbite Troll who offers them a place to stay out of respect for the earlier Troll Off.

While inside Silver attempts to make small talk with Blaze before Jacko and other trolls appear. Underbite Troll and Markus are killed as the group is held hostage, but Fudd manages to give Silver an opportunity to use his psychic powers to disarm the trolls by revealing his own powers of necromancy and the group makes their escape. As they flee they are attacked by Hindo who manages to capture Fudd. Eventually the group manages to meet up with The Neutrals who offer to join forces with them in an attempt to rescue Fudd and fight the trolls.

Together, Silver and The Neutrals create a plan to break into the castle. Off-screen during Chapter 13, the group sets off a bomb outside the castle to lure the trolls outside. Silver then drops giant metal cages with his powers to trap the trolls underneath with, and he and Blaze get to work killing all of them using spears (all while Silver once again tries to make awkward small talk with her). The next time Silver is seen is during Tom and Sylvester's encounter with Troll Face, where Silver prevents Troll Face from killing Tom. Silver and Troll Face combat, and Troll Face runs away after killing Sylvester. Silver is next seen levitating Sylvester's corpse and informs Coyote. Before Coyote runs off, Silver asks him to find Rob and Blaze regardless of their health status.


Silver is much more moral compared to Shadow, and cares for his teammates more than Shadow ever did. This is seen when he splits off from the Troll Slaiyers (joined by Rob and Fudd), and also seen when he begs Coyote not to go down the path of revenge, to the point where he begins to tear up as he sees Coyote struggle to contain his wrath. He's shown to be very compassionate for his friends as shown when he and his group storm the castle to save Fudd; As well as telling Blaze to stay back during their fight with trolls so that she isn't hurt.

He is very awkward when it comes to Blaze. He shows that he returns her romantic feelings but struggles to find a way to tell her how he feels. His feelings for Blaze seem to take priority over his other feelings at times, as shown when he thinks of ways to flirt with Blaze while they are in the process of brutally stabbing trolls to death (something they don't appear to be fazed at all by).


Silver pulls guns away from a group of trolls.

Silver fights using his psychokinesis, which allow him to lift objects and/or people (as demonstrated by launching Alex in Chapter 6, and the cages in Chapter 13) or stop things from moving (such as bullets). His abilities are limited by mana, preventing him from using his powers for an extended amount of time. He has a very fast reaction time, able to hold the bullets of Troll Face's stolen shotgun and send them back multiple times.


oh crap, i really hope they don't think i was watching porn, it was only a peek, oh there gonna tell blaze i just know it
—Silver thinking to himself, chapter 11: wild tempers, Page 3

hmmmm this isn't as i thought it would be, killing people is really boring and all these annoying screams, i mean damn
—Silver killing trolls trapped in a cage, chapter 13: taking action part 2, Page 16

Real Life Origins

Silver actual.png

Silver the Hedgehog was first introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 as a time-traveling hedgehog set on correcting the ruined future. He can be naïve at times and is quick to act when others are in need. Silver is very close to Blaze the Cat, and is often seen paired with her.


In his Tails Gets Trolled counterpart, Silver has a more strained relationship with Shadow and clashes with his ideals. His relationship with Blaze is also considerably more romantic in nature as opposed to the main game's "big sister/mentor" take.

His palms appear to lack the circle markings present in his official art. He also does not have the rings around his wrists in his later appearances, though they are present early on such as on chapter 6: silver's mission, Page 2 (which, incidentally, are lost on the very next page after). His quills are shaped differently as well, bearing some resemblance to how Knuckles' "hair" is drawn in Tails Gets Trolled as opposed to them sticking up in his home series.