Tails Gets Gay

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Tails Gets Gay / Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders
Tails Gets Gay ending.png
Release dates
Pages February 13, 2013 (TGG) / September 7, 2013 (Dickfenders)
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Tails Gets Gay is a short spin-off of Tails Gets Trolled, published on February 13th, 2013.


The story begins with Rob and Hindo battling it out. As they charge at each other, a sudden explosion happens and the both of them are transformed into "chibi" versions of themselves with large anime eyes and blush marks. Rob and Hindo agree to stop fighting and have an uber awesome pillow fight.

The scene then moves to Coyote and Demaro who are in the midst of thier battle. Demaro defeats Coyote by out-cuteing him through compliments, causing Coyote to commit suicide. Afterwards, Silver is shown with Blaze. Blaze confesses her feelings to Silver but is turned down when Silver reveals his secret homosexual feelings with Fudd. Fudd turns him down, stating he has feelings for Luigi. Everyone then gathers together to be happy, while the ghosts of Garry, Sonic, and Coyote watch from above.


Tails Gets Gay was originally created in response to a discussion spanning between his old Facebook and Something Awful. Originally, one of his brothers had posted an image of Tails and Hello Kitty together[1], which would lead into a post[2] made by Lazerbot on his old Facebook regarding homosexuality.

He would later create Tails Gets Gay to mock those who complained over the use of slurs or his comic and in general, addressing the third page directly to Something Awful in particular[3]. The incident would soon die down as the SA users would find the response to be more humorous than insulting.

Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders[edit]

Published on September 7th, 2013, Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders was a follow-up to the previous mini-series.


Tails is seen at the Defender's base alongside Knuckles, Doug, Spyro, Cheeto Man smoking their gay weed. While Tails smokes on a dick bong, Knuckle suggests giving Tails a make over. Doug states the the group needs supplies to make Tails over and that they can get them from his "super dooper awesome" friend. Skat and Fluttershy also appear to lend a hand with Tails' makeover.

Meanwhile, Ronald and Kermit are seen together. Kermit prepares to use the vivid bond on Ronald as (apparent) punishment for Ronald licking Tails face earlier. They hold hands and concentrate, and Ronald is taken to a happy place with clouds and rainbows where he meets with Barney and Blues. Together they frolic off into the distance to meet the Teletubbies so that they can play together. In the real world, Kermit gets concerned over losing connection with Ronald and being unable to see into his dreams. Ronald laughs manically as Kermit expresses jealousy over his happiness.

The cast of the Dickfenders together.

The scene moves over to Mario and his companions (consisting of E. Gadd, Toadsworth, and other Toads). E. Gadd finishes preparing a special star that causes the user to sparkle brightly, which Mario plans to use to win against Troll King in an upcoming beauty paegent. A Toad runs in warning Mario of someone attempting to steal a "hankie chiff" who is revealed to be Pori. Pori states that he is not attempting to steal anything but rather, he notifies Mario that Shadow will be competing in the beauty pageant as well.

Soon after, Troll King is seen with his bird Travous. He asks Travous to wax his ballsack, while at the same time, Troll King shoves anal beads up Travous' anus. Travous talks dirty back to Troll King as the beads are rammed up his bird ass, pleasuring the King, who had not felt this wanted since the Middle Ages with his old husband. Meanwhile, Alex watches from the distance, disappointed over not being able to join them as he focuses on spying on them in order to learn the Words of Life to assist him in winning the upcoming beauty pageant. Back to Troll King, the blue troll who had been decapitated by the King in the main series offers Troll King a cookie. Troll King accepts and pops his head off to pull it out of his neck pussy while Travous suggests eating it out of his ass for pleasure.

Lastly, the scene moves back to Tails who had finished his make over. His extra fabulous appearance stuns the other Dickfenders. Everyone than gathers to hold hands as the ghost of Garry reappears to rage at the others.


Tails Gets Gay: The Dickfenders, in contrast to Tails Gets Gay was made not to spite a certain group but simply because, according to Lazerbot, he was asked to by fans and delivered.[4]