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The cover of Chapter 1.
For the first chapter of the comic, see here.

Tails Gets Trolled is a webcomic created by Lazerbot. Originally released on 2011, it focuses on the titular character, Tails, being trolled which slowly leads to a series of events centered around revenge, multiple opposing factions, betrayal, necromancy, the clap, weed, romance, and more.


The story of Tails Gets Trolled begins with Tails being trolled in the first chapter. Tails and friends soon enter conflict with The Trolls and things begin to spiral out of control as they realize that there is much more going on in the world than a conflict between the two groups. Tails and his friends are separated in the ensuing chaos and are split into their own journeys (mostly) centered around dealing with the Trolls.


The comic began in 2011, when the first three pages were released on DeviantArt on October 10th, with further pages being released in a similar manner. The comic would continue on steadily up until 2015, taking a 2 year break until the most recent chapter, Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2, was released in 2017. The script (and notes for what would occur in the following chapters) would later be released in text format on August 27th, 2017.

After releasing Chapter 22, Lazerbot had attempted to reboot the series with Tails Gets Trolled Polished, which received a lukewarm reception from fans, and did not continue past the first chapter. On December 2017, the comic was placed on hold until November 2019, where the cover for Chapter 23: The conclusion - Part 3 was released, with a team of volunteers drawing out the script released in 2017. Upon completion, Lazerbot returned and continued the story beginning with Page 19 of Chapter 23.

On April 26th, 2021, it was announced that Lazerbot would no longer work on Tails Gets Trolled. The next day, however, his brother, Embergram announced that he will be continuing the series in his absence for the time being.[1]

However, on November 20th, 2021, Lazerbot would then announce that he would return to the comic, albeit in a less involved role than before. He would then put out an official statement on November 29th clarifying his role.[2]

For a more in-depth look into the development process and delays behind Tails Gets Trolled, see Hiatuses of Tails Gets Trolled.


The comic gained much of its notoriety upon being discovered by Something Awful, and a thread was created on February 18, 2012[3]. Many of its users expressed bewilderment at the rather bizarre and graphic depictions of Tails and friends being trolled and the ensuing chaos, leading to an article being made on the front page for the comic on February 28, 2012[4]. Something Awful user Aramek would later provide voice overs for the first few chapters, leading to an eventual audiobook/dramatic reading to be published on YouTube under the account "tailsgetstrolled"[5]. One of the SA users behind this project also produced ten songs based on the first ten chapters of the comic, and music videos for the first two songs. The original tailsgetstrolled YouTube account has been abandoned, but has been succeeded by a newer one titled ultimatetailsgetstrolled[6].

A Know Your Meme article for the series was also added on March 16th, 2012[7]. Later that same year, on May 23rd, a TVTropes page was also created for the series.[8]

On May 2nd, 2018, YouTuber Ben Saint of the Pro Crastinators Podcast uploaded an extensive lecture[9] focused on explaining the happenings of Tails Gets Trolled which has gained over ~220k+ views.

The comic has also gained a notable following on the "Video Games" and "Comics & Cartoons" boards of 4chan, with "dumps" (group readings) happening from time to time.

The Unsettled Tom meme[10], gaining popularity around March 2019, originates from the comic.