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This template allows for quick linking to a Chapter page on this wiki in addition to a link to a page number on the main tailsgetstrolled.org site.


The first number after calling the template name represents the Chapter, while the second represents the page.
The example above would produce the text Chapter 1: tails gets trolled, Page 2 with the chapter being linked to this wiki's chapter page and the page linking to the main site.
If you do not want to display the Chapter name and only want "Chapter X", include an "s" after the chapter number for a shortened version. For example: {{Link|1s|2}}

Tails Gets Trolled Polished can be linked to using "P" as the first variable. The Adventures of Underbite Troll can be linked to using "U", and Tails Gets Gay / TGG: The Dickfenders can be linked to using "G" and "D" respectively, while Bugs & Daffys Story can be linked to using BDS (BDSs for the shortened version).


tails gets trolled, Page 2
chapter 4: Deceit, Page 2
chaper 7: mario vs king troll, Page 5
Chapter 7, Page 5
chapter 14: puppet battle, Page 0.2
Chapter 16, Page 9
Chapter 18: The eye of the storm, Page 7
Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 0.1
Tails Gets Trolled Polished, Page 20
TAoUT, Page 11
Tails Gets Gay, Page 2
Dickfenders, Page 1
Tails gets trolled Ultimate Alternate reality, Page 3
TgtUAr, Page 7
Tails gets trolled Ultimate Alternate reality chapter 2: trolls get attacked, Page 1
Tails Gets Gay: Bugs & Daffys Story., Page 2
Friday Night Funkin': Tails Gets Trolled V4, Page 2

In text example:
The first page of Tails Gets Trolled is tails gets trolled, Page 1. Here, Tails is trolled.

Using the quote template

{{Quote|Example quote|Person|{{Link|13|8}}}}
Mind the number of braces.
Example quote
Person, chapter 13: taking action part 2, Page 8


Example quote
Person, Chapter 13, Page 8

Within an infobox

The Trolls
A group of trolls.
Location of base Troll City, various camps
Purpose To troll others
First appearance tails gets trolled, Page 10 (first indication of a group)