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Want to help out but don't know where to start? Here is a list of things you could help with.

In General[edit]

  • Add images - particularly for articles that are very long. Slipping images to help break up the text can help make things look a little nicer. Even just adding to the gallery section helps too.
    • Adding the proper images to each chapter's gallery. Each image should ideally also be placed under the relevant character pages.
    • Updating images with higher resolution versions.
    • Checking Special:UnusedFiles for images not used elsewhere and putting those on relevant pages can help as well.
  • You can take a look at Special:AncientPages to see pages that have not been edited in a while and go over them, checking for any mistakes.
  • In general, just reading through some of the pages and making sure they are accurate can help a lot.

Applying Spoiler Tags[edit]

We are in the process of using spoiler tags to try and avoid spoiling the comic's more major twists. See Ultimate Tails Gets Trolled Wiki:Spoiler Policy for more info. What specifically should be spoilered is not exactly final but the two definite points that we are trying to spoiler include:

  • Cheeto Man's real nature
  • Amy's backstory

See Template:Spoilers for information on how to use the template.

Editing pages[edit]

  • Proofreading - reading over any page and making corrections is always welcome. In particular, correcting grammar mistakes, adding missing details or correcting misinterpretations (related: rewording text to use an minimal assumptions whenever possible), or just making sure links go the proper places.
  • Making sure most pages have the following:
    • A quote on top of the page if applicable
    • Appearance - a short section describing how the character looks and any notable changes or oddities in their appearance over the course of the story. (For example, Tails and his changing amount of tails, or Hulk's strange arm proportions.)
    • History section detailing what they did in the comic
    • Personality
    • Abilities - list out things the character is capable of doing.
    • Quotes (if applicable) - a collection of things the character as said. Can be anything.
    • Real Life Origins (if the character is not an original character, describe who they are and what type of media are they from originally) and Differences (list the differences between their TGT characterization and regular. Even blatantly obvious differences such as Fudd not being a necromancer in the original Looney Tunes can be added.)
    • Names in other languages - how the character's name was localized into the other translations.
    • Trivia (if applicable)
    • Gallery
    • References

Pages should also follow this order of sections (see Tails for an example of a page that uses all sections).

Updating profile images[edit]

As noted in the Guidelines, let's try to update each character's profile image to try and include:

  • A more recent image of them in the comic
  • As close to a full body shot as possible

Updating the Updates Template[edit]

Template:Updates should be updated from time to time to try and reflect any important changes on the website. Main updates should be limited to just new pages of the main Tails Gets Trolled series. Misc. updates should include new pages of any translations or spinoffs.

Image categorization[edit]

We're working on categorizing all the images on the wiki by adding a [[Category: (character name) images]] tag (ie, images that have Rob in them would have the category Category: Rob images). That way things can be a little more organized. If anyone wants to help out, feel free to jump in.

Misc. "research" projects[edit]

None of this is vital to have, but would be super interesting to have for historical purposes.

  • The original comments used for the Chapter 6 troll off. Some of them have been cited but the others remain a mystery. The remaining ones appear to have been apart of an old DeviantArt journal Lazerbot used to have, so it might be lost to time (and if so there's nothing we can really do about that) but if anyone knows of a way/has pics of it then feel free to help out there. The same goes for the Troll Off in the Adventure of Underbite Troll as well (at least, I'm assuming it was also a fan contribution.) Perhaps if anyone knows any of the original people who submitted lines, we could get some info that way.