Troll Face

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Troll Face
Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Trollface
Age Unknown, but was alive during the Middle Ages
Relatives Troll King (father), unnamed human mother
Physical description
Species Troll/Human hybrid
Gender Male
Skin color White
Eye color Black
Personal information
Position Second-in-command to The Troll King
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies Troll King,
Enemies all non-trolls, Silver, Tom, Sylvester
Weapons/powers Trolling, rape, Elmer Fudd's shotgun (stolen)
First appearance Chapter 3, Page 18
Last appearance Chapter 24, Page 34
Unknown (Presumably blown up by Sonichu's bomb)
In real life
Actual name Troll Face
First appearance Comic - Trolls (2008)
ahahahahahahahah!! oh my god!! you're so mad? you mad? you mad bro!! this is just to classic. trolling is so amazing because my trolling can't be stopped your proof of that
Troll Face, Chapter 16, Page 2

Troll Face is the son of the Troll King. His name and appearance come from his face being the infamous "troll face" meme. He is apparently very popular in the Troll City, as in Chapter 6, Silver and his friends witness a number of trolls gathered around a vendor selling Troll Face masks.


The Troll Face is Troll King's son, born some ambiguous date at some point during or after the Middle Ages. He has been near his father ever since, becoming a high ranking troll, though his exact role in the group remains unknown.

Prior to the events of Tails Gets Trolled, Troll Face is shown to be involved in a troll-off tournament, in which the winner would get an opportunity to face off against him in a battle of trolling. He watches in the crowd as Underbite Troll and Markus verbally battle with The Fist in Poo Clan, and is impressed by the brutality of Underbite Troll's insults.

Troll Face is not seen in the main series until Sonic goes to confront his father. After Sonic's death, it is mentioned by Silver that Troll Face then takes Sonic's corpse and rapes it. He later kills Luigi as well by raping his disabled body after his father unleashes a Word of Death. After Fudd is kidnapped by Hindo, Troll Face offers to rape Fudd in order to make him compliant but the King forbids him from doing so.

Since then, Troll Face is not seen until Chapter 15 when Tom and friends infiltrate Troll King's castle (though he does make a very brief appearance in Chapter 13). Emerging from the shadows, he uses Fudd's shotgun and ambushes Tom and Sylvester, managing to kill Sylvester in the process. He then proceeds to troll Tom before shooting him, but the bullet is stopped mid-flight by Silver's powers. Silver attempts to fight back but Troll Face dodges his attacks by launching himself upwards using his shotgun, later escaping.

Much later, he reappears ambushing Coyote who is focused on gathering corpses from Troll Fortress. Emerging from a trap door, he walks up on Coyote and blasts Road Runner into pieces using Fudd's stolen shotgun. He is also shown to have possession of Sonic's Chaos Emerald and has used it to enter a golden, super-like form. Joined by Sonichu, he and the manic hedgehog team up on Coyote, delivering a brutal beatdown. Coyote retaliates by creating a spear from the neutral strings in Road Runner's remains and impales Sonichu through his stomach, triggering an explosion. Troll Face watches in horror as the explosion grows.


Troll Face has shown himself to be an extremely foul opponent, often reveling in the opportunity to sexually assault his opponents. In combat, Troll Face has not displayed any actual abilities besides being very hard to hit, as he steals Elmer Fudd's shotgun and uses it to shoot the ground, propelling himself in the air and out of the way of many attacks. He is a sexual deviant, a coprophiliac, and a necrophiliac, if his statements are to be taken at face value. He relishes in doing "schticky" to the bodies of the dead, as Luigi's corpse was preserved for an unknown period of time for this purpose.


The pogo shot gun dodge slash add on to it the witch shot gun broom stick stance.

Troll Face does not seem to have any powers outright, relying on his taunts, unorthodox combat style, mind games, and ambushes to defeat his foes. Nevertheless he is a formidable opponent, his tactics proving to be the death of Sylvester, and he very nearly kills Tom before he is stopped by Silver. He escapes them with little effort. He is able to use a stolen shotgun as a means of propulsion and dubs this maneuver as the "pogo shot gun dodge slash add on to it the witch shot gun broom stick stance". He is also able to turn super using a Chaos Emerald, though the powers/limits of said form are currently unknown.


  • Whynne, also known as Carlos Ramirez, the original creator of the Troll Face meme, has commented on Lazerbot's DeviantArt page giving his approval for how the character is depicted in Tails Gets Trolled.[1]