Chapter 26: Anguish

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This article references details from an ongoing chapter. Details are subject to change and / or may be barebones as a result.

Chapter 26:
Chapter 26 cover.png
Release dates
Cover August 3rd, 2022
Pages August 24th, 2022
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Chapter 26: Anguish is the 26th chapter of Tails Gets Trolled.


The chapter opens with a brief interlude to the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Z, where the Hell Hound is shown preparing to finish off a young, defenseless Rob. Tom, injured nearby, pleads for the Hell Hound to spare Rob but is ignored. He then throws himself onto the Hell Hound and orders Silver to use his special beam cannon to finish off the both of them.

In the main universe, the family of the late Hogwart is shown suffering within their home, wondering where Hogwart himself has gone. The scene then moves to The Narrorator leaving the Water Park. He begins wandering around West Troll City. He is depressed over the loss of his role as the comic's narrorator and is eventually stopped by a group of trolls who begin to troll him. Having heard enough, the Narrorator silently walks onto the middle of the street and stands before the headlights of an oncoming truck, ready to end his own life. He is then saved by a yellow blur, revealed to be Spongebob. Spongebob murders two of the trolls harrassing The Narrorator and questions the remaining one about the whereabouts of Squidward.

The troll claims to know nothing about Squidward and is then cut down by Spongebob. The Narrorator then begins to talk to Spongebob as he begins to walk off. Spongebob has a brief flashback to when he revisted Saralite, asking if there is a possibility of freeing Patrick's soul. Saralite then says she is willing to free Patrick's soul, but only if she receives a soul of equal value. In the present, The Narrorator begins to badger Spongebob, begging to come along on his journey. Spongebob ignores him until the Narrorator offers to guide him through West Troll City, stating that he knows the place like the back of his ballsack. Spongebob agrees and the newly formed allies begin to explore.

Meanwhile, within Coyote's book, Coyote awakens and finds himself in the purple realm, inches away from Demaro. He begins to ponder the recent events he has gone through, realizing that the figure who had offered him power previously was Satan and empathizes with Demaro's situation, noting himself to be alike with him. The ghost of Garry then intrudes, and begins to irritate Coyote. After some banter, Coyote moves away from Garry and towards a nearby tree where he begins to meditate.


  • This is the first chapter to not have a square shaped cover, but rather a vertical rectangle shape.